Welcome to Hyland Fish and Chips! We have been in business for many years offering quality seafood and chicken. Hyland Fish and Chips started as a mom and pop business (now grandma and grandpa) with the sole purpose of providing customers with seafood and chicken entrees at an affordable price. We serve the Shelburne and surrounding areas with our products. We keep our prices as low as we possibly can and are making sure that these savings are passed along to you, our customer. With all seafood there are market fluctuations and sometimes our prices may be a little higher on certain food items. We are open six days a week and closed on Sunday’s to give our staff a rest. If you are looking for great fish and fried chicken, you have come to the right place! At Highland Fish and Chips we strive to make every visit from our customers a happy and fulfilling experience. We hope you will look around at the various pages to see what you and your family would like to enjoy for a meal. 

Our address is:
Hyland Fish and Chips
800  Main St East, Shelburne, Ontario L0N 1S4
We are located on the corner of Highway 89 and Highway 124
Our phone number is 519-925-0311

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